Meet and join the Team

Meet our team of dedicated facilitators, moderators, and ambassadors below, who work tirelessly to nurture Australia’s Nursing Community. Get to know the passionate individuals who make our platform come alive. Ready to join this dynamic team? There are two distinct paths for involvement:

1. Group Facilitator/Moderators (Senior Nurses): If you’re an experienced nurse looking to share your expertise and guide discussions in clinical groups & forums, we’d love to have you on board.

2. Ambassadors (Students, Graduates, Nurses of All Levels): Students, graduates, and nurses at every stage of their career can become ambassadors, helping to spread the word and actively participate in our vibrant nursing community.

Get involved and learn more about the roles by emailing [email protected]

Founder & Site Administrator

Jackson Heilberg @nursescollective

[email protected]

Group Facilitator/Moderator: Perioperative

Erin Wakefield @erinj

Erin currently serves as a Lecturer in Nursing, where her primary role is educating post-graduate perioperative nurses. Her passion for teaching and inspiring the next generation of nurses shines through her work. With a 25-year background in theatre and a strong foundation in leadership and education, Erica brings a wealth of experience to her teaching role. Erica is actively pursuing her PhD to contribute to the improvement of graduate education in the field of theater nursing. In her role as a moderator at Nurses Collective, Erica is dedicated to fostering an engaging, supportive, and vibrant online community for nurses. Her commitment to nursing education and community-building is evident in her contributions to the platform.

Group Facilitator/Moderator: Aged Care

Dr. Deb Deasey @deb1

Deb brings over 16 years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner specializing in aged care and hospital avoidance models across various healthcare settings, including acute care, community, and residential aged care facilities. Her extensive background encompasses roles in oncology, community healthcare, and urology in New South Wales. Deb holds a Masters in Gerontology, a Master in Nursing with a specialization in Nurse Practitioner, and a PhD in Nursing and Midwifery. Her expertise and qualifications reflect a commitment to advancing nursing practice in the context of aged care and hospital avoidance.

Group Facilitator/Moderator: Nurse Researchers & Academics

Patience Moyo @patience

Patience is a seasoned nursing professional with more than two decades of diverse experience in critical care, pediatrics, medical/surgical, post-anesthetic care, emergency, community, aged care, palliative care, and mental health nursing. Currently serving as a Lecturer in Nursing at Charles Sturt University since 2016, Patience is dedicated to empowering students with clinical reasoning skills and evidence-based practices for safe healthcare delivery. With a background as a Clinical Nurse Educator, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Acting Nurse Unit Manager, Patience’s passion lies in offering high-quality, patient-centered care. Their research interests encompass Nursing Education, Contemporary Nursing, Acute Clinical Nursing, and Chronic and Complex Nursing Care. Career Interview with Patience here

Group Facilitator/Moderator: Trans & Gender Diverse Healthcare

Toni Slotnes-O’Brien @enp

Toni is a dedicated healthcare professional with a focus on universal access to high-quality care. She holds nursing and advanced degrees, specializing in Diabetes and transgender healthcare. Notably, she was a 2023 Health Ministers Trailblazer award finalist for her work in transgender healthcare. Toni is a Senior Lecturer and endorsed Nurse Practitioner at the University of South Australia, advocating for Nurse Practitioners. She leads ACNP’s SA chapter, co-chairs ICN’s NP education subgroup, and contributes to ANMAC and ANPAC.

Group Facilitator/Moderator: Nurse Researchers & Academics

CJ Cabilan @c-j

CJ is a nurse researcher based in Ngunnawal Country (Canberra). She describes the role simply as, “I put evidence in evidence-based practice”. Her passion projects include @researchmate_info (Instagram and Facebook) to make evidence digestible using infographics, and (health keywords thesaurus) to make literature searching faster and easier for nurses. Aside from research, CJ is on a mission to shift negative workforce attitudes towards occupational violence, such as ‘part of the job’, blame, and zero tolerance. She reasons, “Attitudes influence our behaviours. So, to change what people do, first you have to change how people think”.

Group Facilitator/Moderator: Perioperative

Jaimee Dawes @dawesj

Jaimee is a lover of all things periop, with over 17 years of experience and enjoys working in all areas of the periop environment. She is currently completing her postgraduate certificate in perioperative nursing with the University of Tasmania. Jaimee is a dedicated senior nurse with a passion for sharing knowledge and teaching others. And can’t wait to help build a collective community of periop nurses. 

Group Facilitator/Moderator: Paediatrics

Linda Mortimer @snombat

Linda is a dedicated nurse with over 40 years of experience, specialising in paediatric and intellectual disability care. She has worked in various healthcare settings, including paediatric units and as a research nurse. Linda currently serves as a Clinical Nurse Specialist 2, supporting clinicians in neonatal and paediatric nursing. Additionally, she works part-time as a Specialist Intellectual Disability Clinician, enhancing healthcare for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Group Facilitator/Moderator: School Nurses

Jane Smith @jane

Jane Smith is an accomplished school nurse with a decade of experience in her field. She currently serves as a primary healthcare provider at a prominent girls’ boarding school and extends her expertise to a boys’ boarding school, in addition to her role as a nurse immuniser. Jane’s dedication to her profession is underpinned by her passion for building lasting relationships with students as she cares for them throughout their academic journey. Holding a Masters of Advanced Nursing Practice with a specialisation in paediatrics, Jane’s work exemplifies the often underestimated breadth and depth of primary healthcare nursing.

Group Facilitator/Moderator: Graduate Nurses

Rebecca Lanigan @ccrnrebecca

Rebecca is a Critical Care Registered Nurse with eight years of clinical experience in emergency departments and remote clinics across Australia. Rebecca also has over nine years of experience educating and empowering future nurses and midwives about their employment opportunities and supporting them throughout their graduate employment. She founded and continues to run with the support of fellow admins Victorian Student and Graduate Nursing Support and, more recently, founded Graduate Nurse Support.

Group Facilitator/Moderator: Emergency Nursing

Kerryn Rhodes @kerrynrhodes

Kerryn is currently one of the state Retrieval Coordinators with Ambulance Tasmania, a recent recruit to the isle from rural Victoria where she was working in Emergency for 7 years. She recently completed a leadership program, developed by the Chief Nurse & Midwife of Tasmania, where her highlights were the connections made with passionate nurses and midwives of Tasmania. She completed a research project to identify systems that recognise and respond to deteriorating emergency patients for her Masters in Nursing Practice, Deakin University. Kerryn is a staunch advocate for clinician wellbeing– she has devoted her time recently to completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology with the University of Adelaide, where her passion for system improvements will continue with her future focus being to improve psychological health and safety in our workplaces.

Group Facilitator/Moderator: Student Nurses

Melissa Ware @mel

My name is Melissa and I am a dedicated first-year nursing student at a university in Brisbane balancing the demands of assignments, a heavy course workload, and clinical placements while working full-time, maintaining an active social life, and prioritizing self-care is a challenge I embrace. I am passionate about nursing and committed to making a positive impact whilst studying with a genuine interest in preoperative nursing and rural and remote nursing. I’m here to help you navigate your student nursing journey and support you in any way possible. 

Group Moderator: ICU & Critical Care

Sarah Forshaw @sarah04

Sarah has been a dedicated ICU nurse since 2014, serving at Flinders Medical Centre in South Australia. Her commitment to her profession is evident in her current role, where she is acting as an ANUM at her workplace. In addition to her clinical role, Sarah is actively involved in nursing education. She serves as casual academic staff at Flinders University, where she plays a vital role in teaching simulations in the labs. She is also responsible for guiding and facilitating students pursuing their post-graduate certificate in critical care nursing within the same university.