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Students, Nurses & Midwives

Welcome to Nurses Collective, your 100% FREE platform connecting students, nurses, and midwives across Australia. With us, you can:

Create a personal profile. Join clinical groups & forums tailored to each speciality and interest area. Engage in real-time messaging for active networking. Participate in your Uni/Tafe student societies or alumni groups. Participate in your nursing associations or organisation’s private community. Access a wealth of nursing resources such as our student corner all in one convenient spot. Become an ambassador or facilitator. Check out our volunteers! SIGN-UP HERE in 30 seconds

Associations & Organisations

Nurses Collective makes managing your nursing association, college, club, or organisation a breeze. We help you regain control, saving countless hours and allowing you to fully enjoy your community.

  1. First 100 members 100% free for all paying organisations (gives you time to test and adjust and see if this is the right fit for your organisation)
  2. 100% free for organisations that do not charge a membership, joining or subscription fee for their users
  3. 100% free for student-led UNI and TAFE associations
  4. 5% discount for ACNC registered charities
  5. No long term contracts
  6. Fully Built Solution

Nurses Collective is the official private group and forum for various organisations, including the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners and several universitiy nursing student associations!

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Key Features for Associations & Organisations

Private Group and Forum: Nurture a dedicated, uniquely branded, and self-administered private space for your community.

Unlimited Members: Whether you have 100 members or 75,000, our private community can accommodate your needs seamlessly.

Unlimited Admins & Moderators: Flexible user management, assigning various roles to your members, allows you to grow and manage your community with ease.

Seamless Web, iOS & Android Experience: Our comprehensive platform and app offer your nurses real-time chats, multimedia content sharing, and push notifications—all accessible on the go.

Part of Something Bigger: In nursing, professionals often change specialties, interests, and locations. Nurses Collective allows your members to participate in an unlimited number of public clinical interest groups, access our resource hub, and be part of a broader community while retaining their private group connection.

Let’s unite the Australian nursing community and create something extraordinary with Nurses Collective.”

How can you get started?

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For National Nursing & Midwifery Organisations, Unions, Student Associations, and More:

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